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Coconut Sugar | Natural Sweetener | Unrefined

Coconut Sugar | Natural Sweetener | Unrefined

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PYURERICH™ Coconut sugar is a natural sugar extracted from coconut palm sap or the flower bud stem. Coconut sugar is the perfect replacement for refined white sugar. It is
natural, plant-based, minimally processed, and contains essential nutrients and
minerals. Our farmers collect the sugary fluid of the coconut sap, heat, and filter
to obtain the sugar from the coconut sap. The Coconut sugar is brown and
granulated and resembles raw sugar. PyureRich™ is committed to maintain top-notch quality, sustainability, and flavor. Our coconut sugar is a great alternative to
refined white sugar because of its Low glycemic index (GI) of 35 and greater in taste.
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Customer Reviews

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Muralidharan Chennaiyan
Superb product. Really worth for money.

I used from last week. Really Stevia gives extra energy for me. Good one.


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